Howard Schatz has left a legacy of brilliant photographs that look
like they came from a multiple of very talented photographers. I thought I
had seen it all in photography. Perhaps after this book I have. Brilliant.

—B.Martin Pedersen, Publisher, Editor-in-Chief Graphis

Howard Schatz is so versatile that this volume at times seems like the work
of a dozen photographers, Weegee, Avedon, Penn, Beaton, Newton,
and Goude, among them. He has affection for his subjects -athletes, dancers,
models, actors, pregnant moms, and interesting nobodies- and it shows
in every remarkable image. Sometimes funny, often dramatic, he is a master
both of the quiet revealing portrait and the explosive surprise.

—Graydon Carter, Editor in Chief Vanity Fair

To survey Howard Schatz's photographic career is to take a tour of a
creative mind in perpetual motion. Often breathtaking and always
thought-provoking, Howard's oeuvre is the result of a restless
and inspired pursuit of beauty and insight. His images are the product
of a once-in-generation intellect enabled by a truth-seeking eye.

-Gary Belsky, columnist, Time.com; former editor in chief, ESPN The Magazine

There are photographers who take pictures and those who make pictures.
Howard Schatz is a master of the latter category. In fact, it is evident from the
incomprehensible range of work represented in this stunning retrospective
that there is no photographer like Schatz. He is beyond creatively restless and
courageous enough to charge ahead into unknown visual territory.
Each subject exploration whether it be nudes, dancers, models, athletes,
actors, mermaids, abstractions or the homeless is deftly brought to life with a
singular vision and beauty that seems impossible coming from one artist. 

—Ken Carbone - Designer, artist and Chief Creative Director Carbone Smolan Agency

Far too many photographers find a single visual style and build a
career on it. Howard Schatz's creativity and vision could never be so
constrained. He has the quintessential ability of all great artists to
constantly grow, change, morph, and expand his vision and his images,
as this major retrospective demonstrates with stunning originality

—Brooks Jensen, Editor LensWork Publishing

Howard Schatz Images 25 Years is a masterwork of innovation.
Every page stops you with its power, every image surprises. You are
looking at the work of an artist of ideas with an astonishing range. Like all
great art, his images can change the way you think about the world.

—Terry McDonell, former Editor-in-Chief Sports Illustrated

In many years of writing about photography, I've known a baker's
dozen truly fine photographers whose work has established them as
artists of the first rank. But of all these luminaries, Howard Schatz
has produced a greater spectrum of work. His output is nothing short
of astonishing — not only a mile wide, but a mile deep. There is
simply no one more visually intelligent, adventurous, and indefatigable.

—Owen Edwards Photography Critic

The range of the images in this book is unparalleled. I cannot think of another
photographer who possesses the genius and skill set that Howard Schatz has.
He sees and makes pictures that no one else could imagine.

—Steve Fine, Picture Editor Flipboard

Viewing this extensive collection in one sitting made me realize how fearless
Howard Schatz is when it comes to experimentation. I am repeatedly amazed
that he can keep finding new ways to express the human form.

—Patrick Coyne, editor/designer Communication Arts

Howard Schatz has spent 25 years reimagining the human body,
producing through his lens improbable movements, unexpected shapes
and unlikely combinations, even a rainbow of impossible colors added
to everyday skin. This collection is a lasting treat.

—Vicki Goldberg Photography Critic

Howard Schatz's work is inventive and extremely beautiful. When I first
saw his book "At the Fights," I was blown away by how he captured
the intensity and grace of the world of boxing. His new monograph
continues to push the boundaries of photography. The best compliment
I can give Howard is that I am jealous of the pictures he makes.

—Robert Longo Artist

Howard Schatz's retrospective has drawn from his collection of some
4 million images, most never before published. These two volumes provide
an incite into his masterful photographic career, which has explored the
body and the psyche, profiling what is means to be human.

—Patricia Lanza The Annenberg Space for Photography

There is a consistency about Howard Schatz's compositions
that transcend the subject matter. His images run the gamut
of adjectives and include dramatic, elegant, intense, whimsical,
captivating, and fluid. Schatz twists, turns, piles, stretches
and links bodies (human and otherwise) into glorious shapes
that echo their organic roots. He uses texture, light and color
to create distinctive series and all of the fundamentals
of compositional structure are evident. His work is joyous!

—Lisa Tremper Hanover, Director James A. Michener Art Museum

It is now very clear that Howard Schatz is one of the world's finest
contemporary photographers. "SCHATZ Images:25 years" is an amazing
example of how great photography will always stand the test of time.

—Glen Serbin, Publisher, Photographer's Forum Magazine Verso Limited Editions

Howard's photography is a spectator sport! His images pulse and sweat,
leap and soar, laugh and sing. You aren't looking at a picture.
You are sitting ringside. You are on the 50 yard line. Howard's photos
are the stage on opening night and you've got the best seat in the house!

—Barry and Fran Weissler Tony Award-Winning Broadway Producers

Howard Schatz's oeuvre is remarkably rich and varied, incisive
in perception and riveting in technical adroitness. It comprises a
remarkable scope of artistry reflecting a most discerning vision.

—Steven Brezzo Arts Consultant and Curator

A great choreographer of photography, Howard Schatz
masters the art of making life sensual, playful and beautiful!

—Agnès Grégoire, Rédactrice en chef en chef PHOTO

A powerful collection of images. No one understands, appreciates
or conveys the beauty of the human form better than Howard Schatz.
A must-have for any enthusiast of great photographic art!

— Jim Colton Editor

The work is stunning...Schatz realizes his vision with an almost scientific
methodology, proving once again that art and science have much 
in common, especially when the art is photography.

— American Photo

Schatz explore(s) the human form in all its amazing potential. As the
Greeks did with their sculpture, transforming mortals into gods and
goddesses, Schatz seeks out and captures the ideal form in his photographs.

— Washington Post Book World


It is almost impossible to comprehend the depth and scope of Howard Schatz’s outstanding photographic images.  Coming through a mid-life change in careers from a world renowned ophthalmologist, retina specialist and Clinical professor and medical text author, he began to take his photography seriously in 1987.  Since that time he has excelled in the world of photography winning almost every award, having his work published in 20 books and exhibited in numerous galleries worldwide. 


There are two books in this retrospective of his work over the last 25 years and they reflect his interest in people, motion and light.  Some of the subjects we see in these images are dance, underwater studies, motion studies, and Liquid Light studies.  But also included are some wonderful works in botanical, fashion and beauty, redheads, and Body Knots.


Schatz’s photography goes beyond what you would ever imagine.  He transforms your thinking about a subject into something so much more.  The images leap off the page and stick in your memory.  There are few artists or books that offer so much to the viewer.  There are 1083 images from 32 individual and personal projects made over the last 25 years in this two-volume set and they offer a life-time of study and enjoyment.  

— Apogee Photo Magazine